Kirknewton Parish council represents the interests of the Parish and the wider community. It meets at the village hall once every two months. Meetings are split equally between evening and afternoon sessions throughout the year. (Please check the previous month's minutes or this page for date and time of next meeting).  There's also an evening AGM held between March 1 and June 1.(Please see this page for date and venue).

These meetings are open to the general public and provide an opportunity to join in with matters and debates which directly affect the Parish. In addition to Councillors, the meetings are usually attended by the local County Councillor and duties permitting, a local police officer.

Notices and minutes are placed on the notice board within the village hall.

There are 6 elected Councillors, including the chair, who serve for terms of three years (renewable).


Chair - Cllr Steve Marriott
Dep Chair - Cllr Liz Martin

Cllr Steve Cleworth

Cllr Denis Mullan

Cllr Keith Warmington 

Clerk - Margaret Heatley

Currently there is a vacancy for a councillor.


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